Ben Nolt

Horse Mastership Essentials founded by Ben H. Nolt brings a unique blend of equine philosophy and teaching to horse enthusiasts throughout Central Pennsylvania, across the United States, and beyond. Ben’s 50 years of experience in the equine industry allow him to draw from a variety of time-tested traditions while realizing the importance of new and continued advancements in the field of horsemanship. 

Horse Mastership Essentials at your site training assists and encourages all who want to become successful in their work with horses. Both the novice and experienced student are able to learn in an atmosphere that fosters growth and understanding. Developed from a foundation of sound principles, Ben’s strategies offer effective techniques for the horse and the handler. Individual attention and focus create learning opportunities allowing students to progress with ease toward desired goals.

Ben’s workshops and clinics allow groups to learn new approaches in the development of solid and steady partnerships with their horses. Through lecture, demonstration, discussion, and group interaction participants are able to gain fresh ideas and a more thorough understanding of dynamics in the on-going relationship between horse and handler.

  • Coordinator of Pennsylvania State University 4H Animal Sciences, Competitive Trail Riding, and Therapeutic Riding Programs
  • Horse Industry Clinician
  • Founding District Commissioner: PA Pony Club
  • International Workshop Presenter
  • Member of The American Horse Council