“Let’s take a few cones, and a little time and transform the relationship you have with your horse.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

 Cones of Success
This is the simple challenge posed to horse owners throughout the country.Horse Mastership Essentials Bru and Lance

We must continually remind and reinforce our horses of what is expected. Micro-training sessions can be accomplished while grooming, leading horses to and from pasture, warming up, and at every opportunity when we handle them.

The Horse Mastership Essentials technique to develop a successful partnership with your horse uses the Four Cones of Success. Through the practice of these techniques the handler is in charge of the speed and direction of the horse, keeping it focused and busy – the horse has to think.Horsemastership Essentials horse

When the horse is in step with the leader, it is happy and cooperative.

The trained handler approaches the task with definite intention and clear focus.  Leading becomes an effective way to make a good horse into an awesome horse.